Case Management Policy


Special Education Coordination, 101
What are all of the the roles and responsibilities of a special education coordinator or leader? How do you know if you are successful in your role, and how do you measure your outcomes? How do you move beyond compliance and case management to outcomes? This session addresses these questions and more, and ends with participants drafting a job description that can be customized to specific/varied work contexts.

Behavior and Discipline: Legal and Practical Implications for Students with Disabilities
This session reviews the specific and important state and federal regulations governing the discipline of students with disabilities. Topics include suspension and expulsion guidelines, Manifestation Determination Review Hearings, placement in interim alternative settings, and appropriate documentation. Facilitated by Jaimme Collins, Attorney, Adams& Reese.

Tough Cases Case Studies: Collaborative Problem-Solving using Real Scenarios from Our Schools
This collaborative session will allow special education leaders to work together to address “tough cases,” drawing on knowledge of special education policies and effective practice. Participants will come prepared with specific examples or scenarios and engage in protocols to engage all attendees and develop plans to support challenging students and/or address challenging situations.

Ongoing: Policy Sessions
Policy updates and policy sessions will be scheduled as the need arises. We anticipate hosting a sessions about Act 883 and the phase-out of the LAA 2 assessment in September, 2014.